The Neolithic Revolution: A Positive Event In World History

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The Neolithic Revolution was not a positive event in world history. It was a negative event in world history because farmers were less healthy and were poorly taking care of themselves due to lack of nutrients in their crops. Farmers focused more on high-carbohydrate crops, but with hunting and gathering, it provided a mix of wild plants and animals for their diet, helping them gain more protein and a better balance of nutrients. Nutrition is important to this era because strength is needed in order to live. They had to work hard for their food, whether it was hunting for it or growing it. If you were poorly nutritioned and couldn’t gather the strength in order to provide food for you and your family, you would not eat. You would simply starve to death. Strength was highly valued in most societies. Not contributing to your society can mean being shun or left out. According to the author Jared Diamond, he states that “Compared to the hunter-gathers who preceded them, the farmers had a nearly…show more content…
This proves that the Neolithic Revolution was negative because farmers were risking their chances of living a healthy and a long life for the benefit of living a more settled life. Malnutrition, iron deficiency anemia, and much more diseases were a consequence of farming. Hunter-gathers enjoyed a more varied diet, while farmers were obtaining their whole food supply from one or a few crops that did not provide all the protein and nutrients that is needed to live a healthy sustained life. Agriculture was a risk overall. Along with not gaining the nutrients needed, farmers took the risk of depending on one or few crops for their whole food supply. If that crop failed, farmers would starve to death, even harming their body more. The Neolithic Revolution was not a positive event in world history, as it did not provide farmers a well-balanced diet and lead to
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