The Neolithic Revolution In History

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The Neolithic Revolution was one of the most crucial periods of time in history today because it is the foundation of human life, agriculture and prosperity today. The Neolithic revolution was the process of change from hunting and gathering to farming and domestication. The first step in this process was river valleys where the land was good for farming and could supply an abundance of product. This was mainly based off geographic luck. For example, it would be hard to farm in a desert in Egypt but easy to farm in a valley in Mesopotamia. Next was the process of domestication that really made the farming job easier for the farmers. They domesticated animals that were calm and easy to tame and teach. Due to these steps there was a surplus…show more content…
First of all it caused many diseases such as Tuberculosis and influenza-type illnesses. This was caused because many people would gather in a small common meeting area and spread from person to person. This also caused parasites and other bug like infections to spread and make everyone sick. This would cause depopulation since there was no epidemic to cure the sicknesses. Farming was a major issue in the beginning of the revolution because there was a lack of food. There was a lack of food due to the fact that there was very few starchy crops and when they died there was no food supply. This caused starvation not only among the farmers themselves but, among their families and the community. The Neolithic revolution was not all bad though. It had many positive side effects such as civilization, stability among communities and population. Since people weren't starving when the crops and animals were domesticated this caused population to grow and eventually start a stable civilization due to a food surplus. The Neolithic revolution was neither bad or good. It was mainly based on geographic luck which means where you were in the world and if you were able to farm there. The Neolithic revolution didn't only happen in Mesopotamia but also in
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