Essay On Neolithic Revolution

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The Neolithic Revolution Before the Neolithic Revolution, groups of people had to be nomadic in order to survive. The people of the ancient world followed herds and relocated whenever the vegetation supply in their area was depleted. There was no form of irrigation, crop rotation, animal domestication, writing, advanced tools, or formalized socialization. However, during the Neolithic Revolution human civilization began to evolve. Sophisticated farming, animal domestication, standardized tools, and more socialization became part of human life. These aspects of the Neolithic Revolution allowed more advanced, sedentary civilizations to form over time and provided the basis for today’s society. In the Paleolithic era that preceded the Neolithic…show more content…
Scholars have found evidence of small statues of women that could represent a fertility goddess; they have also found rock carvings of men that they believe could be high priest performing certain religious rituals. Most scholars seem to believe that there was some level of ritualism in the Neolithic revolution. However, it is not generally assumed to be the cause of the Neolithic revolution. Scholars have found evidence of community feast and communal gatherings at burials. Typically, researchers believe there were many factors that contributed to the Neolithic revolution including environmental factors, economic factors, and biological factors. Although there was no form of written alphabet during the Neolithic revolution, one can assume that the Neolithic revolution led to a form of written alphabet. Since trading foods and crafts was becoming a normal occurrence during the Neolithic era, it would be beneficial to invent some way of monitoring payments. Additionally, it would be necessary to create a way of describing which plots of land and which animals belonged to a certain individual or family
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