The Network Primate, 'The Good Tech Gone Bad'

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Dimensions of Technology:
Artificial Intelligence Through forms of technology and the greater ability to use it, has made artificial intelligence more powerful than ever, "Artificial Intelligence" is simply creating a machine to create better ideas than the human race. The fact remains scientists and engineers are looking for the next big creation in the tech world. People feel that computer-generated feelings would be just fine if robots made them feel understood. The articles" The Network Primate," by Mark Fischetti (2014), "The Good Tech Gone Bad," by Lev Grossman (2015) and "Calling Dr. Watson," by Jon Gertner (2012) shows how three different perspectives on how the advancement of technology affects the way we feel about technology. According to sociologist Turkle (as cited in Fischetti 2014), many people are at risk for some basic human interactions needed to succeed in life and technology plays a major role for the shaping of social interactions. Turkle conducted interviews with hundreds of people to discuss their interactions with different social media platforms. During Turkle 's the interview, people wanted companionship and modern technology fills this void. She gives the example of a kid pulling out his cell phone at the dinner table, this is family time. She writes people have the need to respond to the text messages
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Although both authors Gertner and Fischett discuss artificial intelligence from two different perspectives, they both present strong cases for why technology has its pros and cons. Fischetti understands that technology is here to stay, however he would like more face to face interaction with people for the survival of human kind. Fischett makes a strong case why Watson 's executives believe this computer has cognitive skills. They both share the ability to get their point across and the importance of each of their positions. They all share a common theme; artificial intelligence is shaping our future in fiction and
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