The Neverending Story

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erending Story: Storytelling and its impact on our life Since the beginning of times, human have been telling stories, writing poems, drawing and painting pictures for others. People are storytellers, they tell stories about their experiences and the meanings that these experiences have for themselves. All cultures also possess their own stories about their past and their present, and sometimes about their view of the future. In his book The Neverending Story, written by Michael Ende, reflects his belief that the importance of storytelling is not to projects our everyday lifestyle but to create new stories and stimulate the reader’s imagination. He also emphasizes the relation between the Fantastica world and our imagination, and lastly the…show more content…
He is the only person in Phantasien with this ability”(Wiedenmann 29). Previously to his arrival at The Silver City of Amarganth, Bastian literally dreamed up Perilin, the Night Forest, and the Desert of Colors. But in The Silver City, he gives a story upon the city’s people that story being their real history. Just like Silver Sage Querquobad said to Bastian: “ You have given us more than a story and more than all the stories in the world. You have given us our own story” (Ende 271). Before, Grograman explained to Bastian that the greatest power of storytelling is that once one creates something within a story, it has always been true. Similarly, when Bastian creates a myth about this city, that myth instantly becomes part of The Silver City’s reality. The library that Bastian described being at the heart of the city suddenly appears, but at the same time, it had always been there. The citizen had just never been able to enter it before now. The protagonist realizes that he would not have time to stand there and narrate all of the stories for the people of this city. But all of the citizen are craving for new stories, so tells them, as part of the story he creates, that their great library contains all of the stories he would ever dreamed up. And just like that, he created stories for everyone “All of the stories he tells become true,…show more content…
They were plain descriptions of the human surrounding and their experiences. In The Neverending story, Michael Ende expresses his belief on storytelling. To the writer, storytelling should inspire the reader to create a new reality, new creatures and unimaginable events. Storytelling, to Ende should never be a description of the reality. In his book, the author creates a direct relationship between our imagination and Fantastica. If humans stop imagining, the Nothing vanish Fantastica, which will cause chaos in the real world. He also believes that the real problem is that the modern world does not find the importance in imagining and creating anymore. Anyone with imagination can become a storyteller. Just like happens to Bastian, he stared to create a new world, with new realities, but he did not realize the consequences of his stories were causing to the citizens in Fantastica. The author invites the reader to explore their imagination but he, also gives us a warning not to stay in it for too long. If we stay too long in the Fantastica land we will be in wander in The City Of The Old
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