The New England Colonies

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In the wake of building up the principal English settlement on the Island of Roanoke, off the shoreline of cutting edge North Carolina, John White reluctantly came back to England for supplies. Deferred by war for a long time, he returns in 1590 to discover the pilgrims are no more.For one thing, the Englishmen who returned to the site of the abandoned colony on Roanoke Island found the word CROATOAN carved in wood. The colony’s returning governor, John White, took that as a sign the group had moved to an Indian area called Croatan, which was occupied by the Hatteras Indians, who are ancestors of the Lumbees. The notion seemed to be in keeping with a plan to move that White had discussed with the colonists three years earlier. White was…show more content…
Both the New England Colonies and Middle Colonies were very unique in their own ways. In the New England colonies, the southern colonies were near the Appalachian mountains, other higher elevation, and some flat land spread out causing them to have rocky soil, hilly landscapes, and flat land. There were also coastal port towns near the East Coast. Since most of the land was unsuitable for farming, the land was granted to a group and towns were subdivided among families. In fact, the only fertile land was near the Connecticut River. The climate was made of cold, snowy winters and hot, long summers. The economy was based on ship-building, whaling, trading, port and harbors for fishing, and land animals for their furs. Education was first started in 1647, where a couple public schools were built in Massachusetts, where later the other colonies had schools as well. Finally, their politics were based off of men passing laws at town meetings, where a form of direct democracy was practiced, similar to an Athenian democracy. The Middle Colonies are much more divergent than the New England colonies. The colonies had warm summers and cool winters and soil appropriate to developing products. The mellow atmosphere consolidated with the prolific earth permitted little homesteads to prosper, and the Middle Colonies in the end got to be known as the Bread Basket. The economy was mainly based on farming and crops, since it was very common to find farms. In fact, settlers in the Middle…show more content…
The development and settlement of the distinctive districts of Colonies foreshadowed differing qualities and division. The difference that would come to characterize the new country as it developed and created was obvious, just like the test to adjust both otherworldly satisfaction and financial collection of riches. The Middle Colonies had their economy based on their craps, since they grew large amounts of wheat which can make bread. The New England colonies had their economy more based on other things, like shipbuilding and trade. Adding on, the Middle Colonies had large cities, like Pennsylvania and New York City. The soil was less usable in the New England Colonies, since it was almost all rocky, while the Middle Colonies had more fertile soil. Both regions had their children learn about their own religion, and their economy was very similar, since both did farming, logging, shipbuilding etc., to help witht the
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