The New Generation In Cormac Mccarthy's No Country For Old Men

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No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy is a timeless novel pertaining to the changing of generations. One of the reasons that the story is still widely known comes from the constant change in generations whether the reader is part of the older or younger generation at the time they read the story. Even though multiple audiences believe McCarthy’s novel contains abstract ideas, the novel actually uses technology to display the change in generations through, brief conversations, consistent gun usage, location trails, and isolation. In the novel No Country for Old Men, conversation depth is the main divider between the two generations. When McCarthy opens up the novel, Sheriff Bell lengthily describes how sheriffs in the past didn’t have to…show more content…
In No Country for Old Men, the younger generation is fascinated in a way with newer guns. Even Chigurh uses a new killing device that looks like an oxygen tank to outsmart his opponents. In an article from the Christian Science Monitor, author Lucy Schouten, explains how the current generation of teens are starting to feel attached to technology. One particular statement stands out when Schouten states, “Many Americans have become so compulsive in their smartphone use that, rather than being technology ‘users,’ they are instead being ‘used’ by their mobile devices” (1). The reliance on technological devices staggeringly compares to the characters in the novel’s reliance on guns and other killing technology. Just as the passage explains both of the younger generations feel almost meaningless without their piece of technology. In a way both pieces of technology are used by the younger generations against their own generation. For example, cyberbullying has become an unmatched problem in the current generation that is used harm others, just as consistent gun usage is used in the novel to due away with the character’s
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