Environment Influence New Generations

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The complaints and concerns about the way our environment influence new generations are being mentioned all the time. The new generation is said to be more focused on virtual reality rather than experiencing the actual world around them. Along with the problems about technology, even the music children listen to and the films they watch are not admired by the society.. In the recent years, the change in the direction that our society is heading have made us all fear about the future but this concern and disapproval seems to be focused especially on children. For example, a famous philosopher said “The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise”…show more content…
Darwinians claim that all organisms try to make sure the genes that they pass to new generations survive. According to that theory, It seems logical for old people to refuse changes because what brought them to that point must have been good enough. They were successful members of the species since they made new members. Any deviation from that can cause a problem. This is why people probably have an instinct that tells them to keep what they have and distrust new things. In addition to the causes about our biology, our brains do not remember the past accurately. People have more memories about the times of change. Since many of the big changes in one’s life are more likely to happen in teenage years and early adulthood, there are more memories about those times. This is called the “Reminiscence bump” and there is another effect called “Loss Aversion and the endowment effect”. According to that one, people feel the lack of the things they lose more than they feel satisfied for receiving new things. Once people start to think that an object or an experience belongs to them, they feel the need to keep it as it is. Since these two ideas are combined in our minds, people end up having more intense memories about the past and they value them so much that even if the change of society gives something good to them, they prefer the old

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