The New Gilded Age: A Comparative Analysis

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When our species first came into existence, we began as a single, collective group of organisms, teamed up together with only one goal: to survive by finding food and water, and reproducing to facilitate our existence here on Earth. Though every organisms goal on this planet is to survive and reproduce, the means and skills they have of achieving these goals are different. Some may only be good at finding important items, thus making them gatherers. Others may only be good at fighting, thereby making them hunters, and then there are other organisms capable of both skills and roles. As a result, each organism groups into their respective roles, therefore creating a unity among the organisms with similar (if not identical) traits, while simultaneously…show more content…
This was, as you read in the first chapter, an especially overt issue during the industrial revolution and the “Gilded Age of America”, which began in the 1870s, and then ended in 1900. According to an article titled, The New Gilded Age”, by Neal Gabler, it was during this time that, “...ordinary citizens thought of Republicans as champions of the wealthy and Democrats as champions of the working man.” Gabler then continues to say that, in today 's modern society, “Where once these labels stirred souls and sparked debates, they now seem relics from another era. Americans just don 't think that way anymore.” All in all, what Gabler is trying to say is that, despite the conspicuous truth that business magnates, or “plutocrats” as he would call them, persistently and furtively manipulate our government into advancing their agendas, Americans still vote for them to lead our country. At the time Gabler wrote this article in February of 1996, the presidential elections were on, and multimillionaire Steve Forbes was running for President as…show more content…
Everyone wants an answer, thus, they create there own answers that only benefit them and possibly their friends and relatives. Alas, this lack of unity will likely result in our extinction one day, and it is this fact that many people find distressing because we all know that there are solutions out there we simply cannot grasp right now, either due to political, financial, or social troubles. For example, the issue of illegal immigrants here in this country, particularly undocumented immigrants originating from the chaotic country of Mexico. This similarly happened throughout the mid and late nineteenth century with the sudden flow of Irish immigrants, who were often looked down on and treated like animals, as well as banned from visiting certain public places such as bars, despite the fact that there was a massive shortage of potatoes in Ireland, which came to be known as “The Great Famine”. Meanwhile, in the present time, emigration pervades Mexico due to its weak and corrupt government, and the strong influence of Mexican drug cartels, which subsequently creates the illusion and assumption that all Mexicans are drug-smuggling criminals. Again, as stated many times before, this similarly happened during the industrial revolution and the “Gilded Age”, where again, due to the sudden flow of Irish immigrants because of “The Great Famine”, xenophobia of them began to infect American citizens, most likely
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