The New Jim Crow Summary

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Introduction Many people are or have become ignorant to the fact that racism still exists. They see racism on the news, hear about racism on the radio and from their families and friends, yet still don’t accept the fact that African Americans are still being held back from prospering by our very own American government. In The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander elaborates on the still very existing discrimination of colored people, especially of African Americans. She proves to us that the idea of “slavery” is being kept alive but in a new way till this very day. Michelle Alexander is a civil right lawyer and advocate which makes her a credible author as she has expertise in this topic. (; About the Author) Summary The New Jim Crow is split up into multiple sections within each chapter. Each section goes in depth about a certain topic. The topics that stood out the most to me while I was reading and taking notes were; the idea of the New Jim Crow, the war on drugs and mass incarceration. These topics stood out the most to me because Michelle Alexander proves how they relate to the Jim Crow Laws established during the Reconstruction Era. The two chapters that I read were titled “The Rebirth of Caste” (Chapter 1) and “The Lockdown” ( Chapter 2). These two chapters tackle the controversial topic of the new racism living today and also the war on drugs. Michelle Alexander understands that “this book is not for everyone” as it was stated in her preface, so she
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