The New Nadir: The Contemporary Racial Profiling

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Discrimination on the basis of caste, colour, ethnicity or religion is against the basic Human Rights. Sadly, job market studies have revealed that black population is often the victim of such racial profiling. Many research papers and studies conducted on this topic suggest that black sounding names are less likely to get a call back for job in comparison to white sounding names. Moreover, black people are often assumed to be drugs and violence, so they are mostly considered inappropriate candidates for high manageable and professional positions, thus they usually end up working on low wages on contracts or part-time jobs.
Most of the time black people are behind the bars, going to jail has often become a routine for most of black population
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Even though they are in minority group but the unemployment percentage of black people is double the percentage of white people and it’s because of the colour and religion of black people. In the essay “The New Nadir: The Contemporary Black Racial Profiling” Sundiata Keita Cha-Jua points out that during the recession in the year 2008 the percentage of unemployed whites was 6.6 and that of blacks was between 11.3-15 almost double (41). Some blacks are well educated and masters in their field but then also most of the time whenever they go for a job interview they are just not given the respect they deserve by others because of the assumptions that other individuals have made about them, like they do not respect others, they are mostly lazy, uneducated and criminals. In the essay “Black Men and Public Space” Brent Staples mentioned an incident when he used to work as a journalist in Chicago and one day he rushed into the manager’s office to submit his report because it was his last day to submit it but as he rushed into the room, the manager didn’t recognised him and thought that he is a thief, manager just called the security to throw him out of the

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