The New Plague Analysis

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In The New Plague by Elizabeth Rollins the idea of being forced to face details of what you hate the most about someone you love when you are forced into enclosed space with them is explored in this pre-post-apocalyptic short horror story. After being diagnosed with a highly contagious terminal disease, a husband and wife are placed under home quarantine. During this time we see the strong differences between the husband and wife, emotionally and how they view the world. We see after they face the illness together and all its ups and downs the way the view the world without giving up their core values. The New Plague by Elizabeth Rollins explores people at their core and how they change when they are forced to face their flaws while trying to live their lives in the face of death. Annie is the one who caused Chas and herself to get the New Plague. In the beginning the wife is not guilty about letting the cat in their home and fact that it gave them the New Plague. In fact when looking back she would do it again. We see this as a woman, who is starved for affection looking at her options. Face possibly getting the New Plague from this poor creature who wants in, but, getting the attention she craves that she does not receive while her…show more content…
We see Annie the wife realize her starvation for affection manifested into her desire to let in the cat. We see the couple struggle with their impending death, and decide to retreat to either live their life to the fullest or lounge around till death comes for them and each others disdain for their end of life lifestyle choices. After their realization that they will die, just not today, we see them comforted by this and decide to live out their lives to the fullest. The New Plague is a realization of one's self when time is
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