The New Statue Of Liberty Essay

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We live in a world where technology plays an important role in our daily lives. In America the use of technology is becoming more convenient and it has become essential for many careers such as, health and science careers. However technology is being abused and it has become an object that many Americans cannot live without. Jean Julien, a creative French illustrator, is well known for his witty illustrations about our foolish addictions to technology. In his artistic drawings, “The New Statue of Liberty” and “Sightseeing” Julien acknowledges this obsession and creates awareness through his illustrations. The Statue of Liberty who was gifted by the French, is the universal symbol of freedom and hope. Many who migrated to America across the Atlantic Ocean witnessed the Statue holding her torch up high demonstrating a light that represents hope. However, Julien illustration “The New Statue of Liberty” mocks many Americans who depend on technology. Julien modified the statue and demonstrates how the statue is scrolling down on a phone instead of holding her torch. The statue represents all Americans who have an addiction to technology specifically a…show more content…
Living in a world behind a screen and interacting with people through social media accounts is an essay way to connect with loved ones from around the world. However, social media has affected the way we interact and most social networks are become dominant in ways that we communicate. Many people find it easier to interact through a screen than a face to face conversation. A study conducted in an online survey concluded that one in four people spend time socializing online that they do in person. The “New Statue of Liberty” is an illustration of these people who are addicted to technology and getting negatively getting impacted because of
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