The New World Movie Analysis

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Comparing my research to the movie “The New World” I came to the conclusion that the movie has many accuracies and inaccuracies throughout the movie. Many things are still unknown about how the Indians were treated as well as many early encounters, these could be accurate or inaccurate no one knows for sure. However, this movie does portray some things very well and others are completely wrong. The basic story line seems to be accurate as the English did send three ships to the Americas to establish a new colony. The actual people in the movie seem to be correct as they were all real people in the early colonies. With these basic accuracies many inaccuracies exist throughout in many different aspect. This essay will talk about the many different…show more content…
Pocahontas, his daughter was his favorite soul and even other English colonists saw how he favored her. Pocahontas was named after her mother, who died while giving birth to her. He valued his little girl because of how she passed when giving birth to her, he thought that since he lost everything basically whenever she was born he had to love his daughter more than anything. Pocahontas played a grand role in history by meeting John Smith. John was captured by the Powhatan Indians because of him crossing into their territory. John told them that the reason the English colonists crossed into their territory was because they had been battling with the Spanish and were looking to escape them. When John Smith was captured the Powhatan Indians planned to kill him, but Pocahontas never let that happen. She saved John’s life by rapping herself around him before they killed him, she never made it possible for them to hurt him. Pocahontas fell in love with John Smith, as he fell in love with her as well. Not only did she save John’s life she also created an epidemic. John ended up becoming a member of the Powhatan society, not only him but many other English colonists were valued to the Powhatan tribe. The Powhatan Indians were one of the greatest tribes to be known, they ended up to be close with the English Colonists and they bartered among
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