New York Draft Riots Essay

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The New York Draft Riots of 1863 was a gruesome manslaughter that lasted for 5 days and there were none-stop destruction. Rioters took over and burned government buildings and buildings where the drafts were taken place. The Draft Riots lasted until July 11-16 in 1863. The draft riots can also be known as draft week. During this time only men from the ages twenty to forty-five were able to fight in the war. The only people that were able to avoid this law were the rich because they had to pay three hundred dollars to not get drafted and have their name completely out of the picture. People who worked and had kids also had to participate in this law. The men drafted changed from 26,000 men to 12,000 men. 10,000 men were stationed in…show more content…
The rioters threw objects into the office and nobody knew what was going on. The building that the rioters took control of was the place where the drafts were taking place. The rioters attacked and took control of a government building after minutes of them being in the building. The rioters burned the office floor and the rioters blocked all exits so nobody can escape and they held everyone who was in the building as a hostage. After the fire was set the fire was spreading and caught three houses on fire in a very short period of time. An engineer came walking by and asked the mob of rioters if he can put out the fire. After this happened there was a report of a handgun on the street and the handgun was a sign of attack. The handgun report was at the time of 10:30 A.M. At this exact time there was 75-100 names that were drafted. The rioters attacked the police officers that tried to stop them and a rioter struck a man named Sergt. Kan and he was struck with a paving stone and was knocked unconscious. Private Horlacker was jumped on and beaten. Private Neill was bruised all along his face. Private Hobbs had his knee caps fractured and was injured inside of his face. The rioters made the police men retreat and one hid in a store and the rioters tore down the fence that separates him from the rioters and was beaten to death. The police men lined up between 44th and

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