The Newsroom: What Makes America The Greatest Country In The World

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The Newsroom is an American television series that shows the personal and professional lives of journalists. In the first episode, the main protagonist, Will McAvoy, is shown with three other people at a college panel, answering questions. One student asks the panelists what makes America the greatest country in the world. The other panelists give their answers, saying what makes America the greatest, whilst McAvoy disagrees with this statement, saying he thinks America is not the greatest country. To support his claim, McAvoy gives well thought out statements, knowing that America is not the only greatest country in the world. Other countries can be just as good (or even better) than America. Any country can be classified as a great nation. What McAvoy states is what every…show more content…
The qualities he says does make a country a great nation. With the information he gives, McAvoy began to state many facts about the United States of America. He began to say where the US stands in certain categories. He even says that there is not any given evidence that suggests that America is the greatest country. For example, he says how the US is number 22 in science, 27 in math, fourth in labour force, a hundred and seventy-eighth in infant mortality, etc. The list can go on. With the rankings that America is in, it can safely be said that America is pretty educational and intelligent. Being twenty-second in science and twenty-seventh in math is a good thing. Being at least in the top 50 (in those two categories) can make a country great, seeing that it is classified as intelligent. Being smart can lead to greater inventions and ideas that can make the country even better. America is pretty high on the infant mortality, which is a good thing. But if it was lower, at least under 100, then America would not be so great. The same thing goes to other
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