Analysis Of Gracey Long's The Next Bimbo Barbie

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In this satirical prompt, Gracey Long uses satire to convey how beauty should be valued and vocalized for individuals, according to Long’s proposal, “The Next Bimbo Barbie.” Long ridiculed the idea of how men and women should only revolve around beauty standards for their own contentment, as they strive for personal achievement. To do so, Long corrupted the topic by using sarcasm to indicate that beauty standards should attempt to be more sympathetic to improve the quality of adults’ standards. Long’s essay contains a witty piece of horatian satire, where she intends to give a comical vibe from funny structures, that seems to provide her audience with a humorous tone. Long explains how society needs to believe that beauty standards should…show more content…
As beauty standards are portrayed in an everyday life and social phenomenons, Long persuades in order to establish exaggeration in the tone to achieve the idea of believing beauty shouldn’t be necessary for a women to feel confident and superior to others. By quoting factual information by respected sites regarding credibility, Long uses persuasion to take a specific action to help change the mind of girls to understand beauty isn’t as important as everybody seems it out to be. Using examples, like explaining how beneficial women’s opinions about each other if they were prettier, is sarcasm to the fullest extent, and using examples like that help declare how Long truly feels about the topic she considered. Even the visual she provided in her essay shows how American individuals were compared to Miss America, and the graph shows that women are more physically attractive if they are involved in a different race, culture, ethics, and body image. Having a persuasive strategy helps conclude a vivid argument where Long provides a solution to gaining young adult’s confidence and respect for their own beauty and power. In this satirical essay, Long shows a mocking approach to gain support of her audience to provide a solution for the predicament. She also highlights the severity of beauty standards throughout modern society and takes an approach of having women and men grant beauty as a key factor. In this part of the essay, Long clearly feels otherwise, as it achieves the ironic and satiric tone of the essay from persuasion. If this essay did not have any persuasion, then there would be no solution to a problem, which would most likely not take a view as a satirical
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