The Night Circus Theme Essay

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First love can be portrayed through many different things such as one’s first long-term pet or somebody’s first real relationship or even finding a new hobby that one loves. In Erin Morgenstern’s novel The Night Circus, Marco Alisdair and Celia Bowen are competing against each other where only one will remain alive and a character named Bailey Clarke finally figuring out what he wants to do with his life as his passion for the circus grows even more as he gets older. The relationship between Marco and Celia end up causing a very dramatic ending to the novel where all the people who are part of the circus have to come together to save what they love and make sacrifices. The theme of first love effectively captures the meaning of Erin Morgenstern’s novel The Night Circus through the…show more content…
In the chapter “Stormy Seas,” Marco and Celia are talking about their scars when Celia says, “I lose [control] when I am with you” (Morgenstern 263). How much Marco loves her distracts Celia from all of her training and become vulnerable. Celia had been pushed around quite a bit from her father, but when she is with Marco, she knows how much he loves her and that allows her to let her guard down and stop worrying so much. Marco’s love is saving and protecting Celia’s mental health which allows her to take a break from the competition. In the chapter “Beautiful Pain,” Celia and Marco are talking together when Celia says that “[she does not] particularly care about [her] father approves of any longer” (Morgenstern 294). Celia has allowed herself to let her guard down completely and not care about what others think about her anymore. Celia is has become more independent and has discovered who really wants what is best for her. Her relationship with Marco has given her confidence to do what is best for her and think about is best for the circus conveying that love is
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