The Night Circus Themes

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Erin Morgenstern’s novel, The Night Circus, has captured the hearts of many readers. Her novel is described by the Associated Press as being “Magical. Enchanting. Spellbinding. Mesmerizing”. These words do capture the intensity of Morgenstern’s work. Her novel is praised for her vivid imagery and enthralling story. Morgenstern’s The Night Circus not only contains an everlasting impression but it also contains a significant theme that leaves readers pondering its importance. In the novel, Le Cirque des Reves’s clock demonstrates how timing and time are seen as a key component throughout the novel, they are what cause a lasting effect over people. The importance of the time and timing theme develop immensely as the novel progresses. Time is a factor that cannot be controlled and in the end timing is what determines the outcome of the future. Certainly, one of the themes of The Night Circus involve time and timing. Specifically, a key object, the grand clock at the entrance of Le Cirque des Reves, reflects the importance of time and timing having a lasting effect on people. On opening day of the circus, “Six minutes before midnight, Winston Aidan Murray is born. Seven minutes after midnight, his sister Penelope Aislin Murray follows” (Morgenstern 122). Through perfect timing Winston and Penelope develop special abilities. As their births occur the clock chimes at exactly midnight and signals the time of day changing. Since…show more content…
Morgenstern masks her theme through the display of the clock at Le Cirque des Reves. She also demonstrates time and timing as having great influences on various outcomes of the novel. Through the development of the theme the novel is seen to grow in importance. The novel displays important elements concerning the theme and displays its growth. Time and timing are two things that can definitely cause an impact on various people, or
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