The Night Counter Analysis

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Isolation on both the Night Counter and Birds of Paradise is being shown, they are both in completely forms and views. The Night Counter deals with an alienation because of an ethnic background and limitations occurring because of that. It is showing how even years after a tragic event generations continue to suffer the consequences because they are simply being categorized. Birds of Paradise is handling something that might not be so obvious to every reader, but is speaks of a separation between a family due to ones perception of how people should look and envying them for things that should not be praised. Both books have similar problems but are dealing with entirely different situations. Leaving Lebanon to move to a new country for a…show more content…
The dysfunctionality of this family is anything but enjoyable. You have Felice’s father Brian who is close to irrelevant, he is ready to put his family on the line for a fling with his co-worker Fernanda, and is even driving in a hurricane to get to his office only because he suspects that his best friend Javier is blathering to Fernanda behind his back if he does not show to work. “Images of Javier and Fernanda fill his head: he sees them laughing, heads tilting together. The rushing, chaotic highway, the backlit sky…he feels increasingly doomed, assailed by a serious of bad decisions, yet he’s determined to be at the office.”(305) He is openly showing how he can go forth without caring for leaving his family behind, he refuses to speak or see Felice since she has ran away. With absolutely no interest in his daughter he is now even resulting if referring to her as a terrorist. “We don’t negotiate with terrorists, he says, voice bine-dry, desiccated by anger. So it’s been nearly five years since he’s last seen his daughter.”(35) Felice is suffering exclusion from her father but this could be seen as a great thing because her father has been nothing but terrible and has an unattractive personality. His mother is not too far from that as
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