The Night She Disappeared: Summary

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The Night She Disappeared While working a normal night at Pete’s Pizza, two co-workers had arranged to exchange shifts. Kayla Cutler had asked her co-worker Gabie Klug to work for her on a Friday evening. In return Kayla had planned to work for Gabi on that Wednesday. Kayla asked Gabi to work so she could have that Friday off from work. While Kayla and a co-worker named Drew are working that Wednesday evening, they get a delivery call. A man named “John Robertson” had called Pete’s pizza to order three large meat monster pizzas. John wanted the pizzas to be delivered to 1091 River Road and had asked if the girl who drove the Mini Cooper would be delivering tonight. Gabie drove a Mini Cooper. Gabie, Drew and Kayla all attend high school together. Kayla goes to deliver the pizzas but doesn’t return. Since she doesn’t return, then Drew decides to call the police. At school the next day, Drew decides to tell…show more content…
Although I did get confused while reading the book a few times, I think most individuals would enjoy it. I read this book all in one day, as it was a type of book that is super hard to stop reading after you start it. I wouldn’t recommend starting this book, if the reader doesn’t have time to read a majority of the book in one sitting. I believe a busy person would get too confused and lost in the book, since they wouldn’t have time to sit down and read the whole book. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone under the age of fourteen, as it can be very sad at times. Overall, I really enjoyed The Night She Disappeared by April Henry. April did add some parts of romance, which made the book better. Since the characters could rely on each other to help find Kayla. I was not disappointed by the end of the book, I was morally relieved. April has again written another very good mystery book, and I will continue to read the rest of the books that she has
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