The Night Stalker Analysis

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There were several victims that “The Night Stalker” killed, raped, etc. Some of these including Max and Lela Nighting who were both killed in their home by him. His first victim was an older lady at the age of 79- Jennie Vincow. She was raped and killed, by Ramirez, in her home home. The list goes on and on with the killing of Ruth Wilson, Maria Fernandez, etc. By the time he was caught he had killed 14 victims and tortured dozens more. Although it took them awhile to find someone he is the only suspect known as of now.
Richard Ramirez was a normal kid when he was growing up. Girls had crushes on him and everyone said he was a nice kid. However, by the age of 25 he became a freak. It all started when his cousin started taking care of him,
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At first they found a key piece of evidence on a body: A fingerprint. However this fingerprint wasn’t as useful as it would be today because of the fingerprinting systems in 1984. The only way they could link a suspect to a crime is after he had been identified, but the killer had not been yet. So if they wanted to match the fingerprint to something they’d have to go through 6 million fingerprints on file. The second piece of physical evidence that the police found was bullet casings at different crime scenes. The sheriff department took them back to examine and they found it was the same bullet from the same gun, so they knew they had a serial killer. The third piece they found was a shoeprint in the mud of the crime scene. This shoeprint happened to be from a shoe that was new to America called Avia. Only one shoe of that pattern had been sold in that area. It was hard to track who bought this shoe because it was paid in cash. The fourth piece was a devil worship sign. The killer would leave this sign in blood after all his crime scenes. This was to tell the police that this was an act of satan. The fifth piece was the same shoe print at another crime scene. The police thought they were trying to bait him, but it turned out that this was a pretty big piece of evidence. The sixth piece was the car he had been driving with one of his fingerprints on it. This time they had a new and improved

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