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Death has always been one of the most essential elements in weird fiction. It brings the dark and creepy atmosphere in the story which creates the attraction of the tale. There are varied types of death used in literature; in “The Night Wire” by H. F. Arnold, Morgan died in such a mysterious manner that readers can hardly explain what really happened, whereas the deaths of Mrs. De Ropp in “Sredni Vashtar” by H. H. Munroe and both characters in Hugh Walpole’s “The Tarn” are more obvious. From my point of view, “The Night Wire” uses the death most effectively to disturb the reader because of the inexplicable reason behind Morgan’s death. In “Sredni Vashtar”, Conradin was oppressed by Mrs. De Ropp for a long time “for his good” (53), stressed…show more content…
To me, this story is the most disturbed among three tales because it consists of multiple weird elements within: the dislocation, the weird dispatch, the unknown town, the fog representing harmfulness, etc. These factors together have made John Morgan’s death even more mysterious. The atmosphere has been set at the beginning of the story: “You sit up here on the top floor of a skyscraper and listen to the whispers of a civilization” (154); the way the character tells us brings a good sense of isolation enclosing his workplace. This also adds up to the mystery of the death of John Morgan who is described as a man who “could handle two instruments at once and type the stories on different typewriters at the same time” (154). Unlike the death of Mrs. De Ropp or that of Foster, Morgan’s death is unexplainable, and even scarier because he kept typing about an unknown town without being alive. And the town named “Xibeco” he was typing about is, too, a weird point contributing to his passing. Was he seeing heaven or hell? Was he observing some forthcoming events that nobody is able to see? Was he simply experiencing some alteration of his own spirit as his perception was being swept away? There’s an infinity of questions but none of them could be answered because the one who knows the exact explanation is dead. The story is told in an indirect manner; the readers together with the narrator are incarcerated by the weird story from the dispatch and they are incapable of doing anything. Ultimately, what killed Morgan still remains unknown as well as what is real and what is imaginative stay

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