The Nightingale Concert Hall

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It’s a perfect night for a concert, warm, calm, and overall elegant. On Friday, September 11 in the Nightingale Concert Hall, a fabulously performed concert called the Argenta Concert Series, The Fifth Anniversary Season, directed by Dmitri Atapine and Hyeyeon Park, took place. In this performance the following musicians performed; Stephanie Sant’Ambrogio on the violin, Dustin Budish on the viola, and James Winn on the piano. Not only that, there was also a guest appearance by Jonah Kim on the cello. Although not the best turnout, there was still a decent audience. The majority of the members in the audience appeared to be over the age of 65 but were still just as enthused. Like I expected, the audience was dead silent, lights where dimmed, and eyes and ears were focused. The Nightingale Concert Hall at the University of Nevada, Reno is a magnificent hall and provides every seat with a great view of center stage, but is still spacious at the same time. Since Mozart was one of the major…show more content…
Before this I had never attended a classical concert, so this was a new experience for me. This concert was worthwhile because not only was it affordable, it was also great for the price. Each song made me feel different, I could sense the emotion coming from these songs and the way the musicians played together added a feeling of satisfactory altogether. The venue had a large impact on the performance. The Nightingale Concert Hall provided great acoustics for the performances and fit well with the overall style of the concert. With this hall being a decent size, the music really amplified through the venue. I felt as if I was listening to a recorded version of the performances, that’s how good it was. The audience must have felt the same way I did about the performances because at the end of the concert the musicians received a standing
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