The Night's Wedding Character Analysis

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But still Sarojini has her love for Bimal in the climax of the story, when priest asked Sarojini to sit on his right to give away the bride, she said no because she considered that place as Bimal’s seat. She unrolls his mat on that spot and leaves it unoccupied, then sat herself beside it. Throughout the ceremony she feels that he is sitting by her side, enunciating that mantras far better than priest and even correcting him when necessary. Sarojini says to herself by recalls her wedding night,
Bimal, do you remember the way you took my hand that night, in our flower-carpeted bed, the younger cousins giggling and eavesdropping outside our door, the way you touched my face? We learned each other one limb at a time. There was so much rain that night, the courtyard was flooded; the old women said it was a good sign, our life to overflow with happiness. (OG 284) Successful life of marriage is shown through the sacrificial character of Sarojini, who still has love and respect for her husband even after all their painful clashes. Even in the eternal absence of Bimal, she gives his share and placed him respectable to take part in his granddaughter’s wedding which is his last compassion of responsibility. She relished with the happy moment of her life with Bimal. Bimal may be absent in her life but still he is existing within her heart as long-lasting memories that is the strength of love which will not fade . This is the strong bond of marriage and love which Divakaruni wants
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