The Nile Eulogy: The History Of The Nile Comme

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In the Nile comic, it presents how crucial is the Nile through out the history. For example, our ancient Egyptian culture is initiated because of the River Nile. In the past, men used to more from place to another one seeking the water and food. So that, the Egyptian man settle down nearby the Nile because it supports him with water and fertilized land to farm. Not only did the ancient Egyptians benefit from the Nile, but the Ottoman Empire also did. To clarify, Egypt was controlled by the Ottoman Empire, so when Mohammed Ali Bash was the dynast of Egypt, he used to grow cotton. Therefore, the Egyptian economic was recovered, and he was able to modernize Egypt, which helped him to accomplish some major projects which funding Egypt till now, like the Suez Canal. Thus,…show more content…
The USA, United States of America, made a survey in 1956 to identify the site where the Renaissance dam is going to be on the Blue Nile River. However, this dam has started to be constructed since 2011. This dam will shorten the Egypt’s share of water. As a result, Egypt will have an empty river because people will consume water till it finishes and Egypt has no other alternative sources of water. The comic shows that the Nile will run out of water by 2050; it would happen because of the Renaissance Dam and our consumption of water. If Egypt were run out of water, all of the Egypt’s civilization would be affected because the River Nile is the main factor of this civilization. Another major effect of the running of water is the agriculture in Egypt. To illustrate, the agriculture in Egypt operated by the Nile and it also mainly depends on the water from the Nile. If the Nile runs out of the water, the farmland will lose its fertility. The nearer the farmland to the River, the more the soil become fertilized. Moreover, people will build houses instead of farming whenever the farmland loses its
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