The Nina Quinn Character Analysis

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The Nina Quinn series is a series of novels by popular American mystery writer Heather Webber. Webber published the first novel in the series A Hoe Lot of Trouble in 2004. The novel proved one of her very best works attaining critical acclaim and much popularity among mystery fans all over the globe. After the success of the first novel, the novel went on to spawn six more titles by 2013. The novels are easy and quick reads that are full of likable characters and several twists that will keep the reader guessing as to who has done the crime. They are a very entertaining reads and though they venter on the investigation of gruesome murders manage to come across as very humorous. Heather achieves this effect by having characters that are very…show more content…
Quinn runs one of the best landscaping companies in her town and is an amateur sleuth. At the beginning of the novel, Nina has had it with her cop husband’s unfaithfulness, and leaves him. Kevin has been having an affair with his partner and this has severely strained their marriage. Things come to a head when Nina kicks him out of their home. Taken By Surprise, her landscaping company requires a lot of her time, her troublesome stepson is up to his usual mischief, and her nosey mother is pestering her to prepare a bridesmaids dress for her sister’s wedding. She just has too much on her plate to deal with Kevin’s infidelities. But with that she has to deal with, she notices that her gardening tools have been mysteriously disappearing. What makes it even more distressing is that some of the tools are very essential to the business and very expensive. Things get even worse when she learns that her mentor, a man that introduced her to the art of landscaping had been the victim in a gruesome murder. Nina now knows that it is up to her to dig for clue to the mysterious, frustrating, and evil happenings that seem to have descended on her small

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