The Norman's Effects On Modern English Culture

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Introduction The conquest of England by the Normans had a large impact on modern day English culture. The impact that the Normans had on culture varied as some changes were small especially long term where as others impacted aspects of England greatly such as the language which is spoken today in the 21st century. The conquest of England by the Normans was the last successful invasion of England by a foreign claimant. Literature Review Modern day England has a vast array of cultural and entertainment aspects which were formed by the conquests of England throughout the eras however one of the most influential was the Norman conquests led by King William the conqueror in 1066 Source 1: 1066 and all that: how the Normans shaped Britain by Robert Bartlett The Normans brought into England the French language, which later turned into old English, the Normans are also known for their influence in architecture and alcohol in Great Britain. This source was written by a medieval history professor Robert Bartlett FBA, FRSE he is an English historian and Mediaevalist whom is currently a professor of mediaeval history at the University of ST Andrews, this leads me to the conclusion that the source can be trusted as reliable since he is well known for his knowledge of medieval history and has been peer reviewed in his article and television series. This source does not give a full understanding as one has to watch the television series in order to get more information

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