Normans Influence On English Culture

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The conquest of England by the Normans had a large impact on modern day English culture. The impact that the Normans had on culture varied as some changes were small especially long term where as others impacted aspects of England greatly such as the language which is spoken today in the 21st century. The conquest of England by the Normans was the last successful invasion of England by a foreign claimant.

Literature Review
Modern day England has a vast array of cultural and entertainment aspects which were formed by the conquests of England throughout the eras however one of the most influential was the Norman conquests led by King William the conqueror in 1066
Source 1: 1066 and all that: how the Normans shaped
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This transference of power and influence was a prime factor in the making of Europe. The vernacular culture between 1066 and 1087 lost its place in England by a culture which drew its inspirations in art and literature from the vivid intellectual interests of Latin Europe. While Norman rule did have a vast impact on England’s culture it did not impact it positively. This source is different to the other 4 sources since it views Norman rule as having a negative impact which is against what the other sources say, this is a limitation and one would have to find other sources with matching agreements in order to find out if this is a collective view or opinion. The author David Charles Douglas was a historian of the Norman period at the university of Cambridge and university of oxford therefore this source is valuable as David specialised in the Norman period which is what my research is based on, he was a historian at Cambridge adding to the reliability of his source as it has been peer reviewed by people in his field of work. I have chosen to use this source in my research as it gives a counter argument to whether or not the Normans were responsible for England’s culture today allowing the researcher to look at the possibility that Norman rule…show more content…
Majority of the results point out the positive impact of Norman rule and provide the reader with specifics, such as the sections in culture that were affected and in what way which is why how I have discovered through the sources researched that even though some disagree or agree on the positive influence that the Normans had on England, none dispute the fact that to a large extent a vast impact was made in England by the rule of the
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