The Not Mikes Music Analysis

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MERIDEN- Flashing lights beaming over the dancing crowd is a common view for Matt Kevorkian, a Central Connecticut State University student and guitarist for the Meriden based band The Not Mikes.
The Not Mikes was founded by Kevorkian when he and his friend, who played guitar, were hanging out and came up with the idea back in 2007.
“Me and my friend were just messing around with the guitar and decided to create a band,” said Kevorkian.
The beginning of his lifestyle in music began in the 3rd grade when his mother brought him to a music shop and he picked up his first guitar. Afterwards he took lessons and expressed his passion though the guitar.
“I owe everything to my guitar teacher, he taught me how to feel and see things in a different
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Kevorkian uses his music to express what he is feeling.
“The genre is really mixed, depends on what I am going through in that moment,” said Kevorkian.
His most notable moment performing was at a bar in New York in 2014. The band began their song and in only five seconds into the song the bar cleared out. Although the other band members were upset, Kevorkian was happy about it and thought it was funny.
“An artist I look up to once cleared a bar in ten seconds, so I was happy I beat his record,” said Kevorkian recalling the moment back in 2014. “It was really funny seeing how fast the bar emptied out.”
Kevorkian also highlights the downsides of the music industry. The commitment of performing in a band is a sacrifice to his social life and relationships. He cannot maintain long lasting relationships because of the constant traveling.
“In the relationship aspect, it 's hard for me being on the road so often,” said Kevorkian. “It’s not fair to put that on anyone I care about.”
A song that relates to him and his struggles is Love to Love by UFO. It is about a musician on the road that cannot come home to his girlfriend.
“The song really inspires me, I can relate to it” said
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