The Notebook Movie Analysis

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The film, the Notebook brings, forth a great amount of emotion as it gives its audience a bittersweet looks deeply into the lives of an aging married couple. Allie is afflicted with a disease called dementia, which is both progressive and fatal. Though they would have to face distance and other lovers separating them, the two find their way back to each other. The movie opens with the protagonists Noah, played by Ryan Gosling, and Allie, played by Rachel McAdams, where they are in their later years of life. For those who do not know or understand what having dementia entails, it is a “progressive and fatal disease of the brain. It is a de-generative disease of the brain that leads to a condition called dementia” (in-text citation for a journal).…show more content…
As it discusses the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia, “BPSD”, as well as how these impairments impact the overall well-being of one’s caregiver. This is significant to the movie because even though Allie resides in an assisted living facility, Noah takes on the responsibilities as her caretaker himself, by spending the most time with her. Meanwhile, his own health issues may be neglected due to the strenuous demands of caregiving. Being accountable for someone around the clock, day in and day out, is likely to affect a person’s emotions and physicality to some degree. The scientific researchers use “multiple linear regression analysis” when examining the different cognitive symptoms of the disease, to prove a high degree of stress is directly associated with BPSD, and which among them cause the most stress among caregivers. Researchers reveal their findings, stating, “Our study demonstrated that caregiver distress increased with increasing number and magnitude of BPSD. Other studies have also shown a significant association between BPSD and high levels of caregiver distress, especially with delusion and agitation/aggression. We found, on multiple linear regression analysis, that elation/euphoria was the only individual domain of BPSD not significantly predicting caregiver distress” (in-text citation). The result, that the symptom of delusion is the greatest stressor among caretakers statistically goes hand in hand with the movie. As it seems, Noah’s frustration is mainly caused by Allie’s delusion that she does not know who he is, which she firmly
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