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I chose to write a reflection paper on Notebook movie. The Notebook story begins with an elderly man reading to an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in a nursing home. The story that he reads to her, Allie, is actually a notebook that she wrote for him when her memory began to fade. He read this story to her every day so she would never forget. Eventually, she realizes that it was the story of her and him when they were young. After that, they spend some enjoyable time together until they pass away overnight in each other’s arms.
What was learned about aging
In healthy aging, our bodies and brains slow down, though intelligence remains stable. We are less physically and mentally flexible, and we take more time to process information. Memory changes occur as well, and it is normal to have a significant struggle remembering names of people, places and things as we age.
AD is a
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How does this learning fit you personally & professionally?
In the movie, it shows unrealistic about caregiver for older adults. Nowadays, family caregivers are typically patient’s children. In the Notebook, Allie’s children only visit once and do not assume any responsibilities for her care. Neither is consistent with the lived experiences of AD patients and their families. Her husband is sole caretaker who also has a chronic condition. Overall, AD is portrayed in the movie about how it affects not only the individuals but also the family. It also shows the amount of patience it requires when dealing with someone with AD.
This movie enhances the skills of the healthcare providers in the geriatric competencies by showing respect for all of their patients and families, regardless of the illness. This movie keys on healthcare providers attitudes. In this movie, the nurse expresses her kind attitude toward Allie. It is noticeable that they key factor the movie is respect. Together respect and nursing skills should be closely linked to provide the best quality care for every

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