The Notorious Jumping Frog

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In “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”, the dialect establishes the tone between the narrator and Wheeler by having Wheeler tell a series of stories about a betting man named Smiley. The narrator makes a point to emphasize that Wheeler is a just average person and that he has little interest in interviewing him about a likely mad up story about a man named Smiley. This results in the tone of the story being nonchalant. For example, “…it would remind him of his infamous Jim Smiley, and he would got to work and bore me to death with some exasperating reminiscence of him as long and tedious as it should be useless to me. I that was the design, it succeeded.” (Twain 1285) The relationship between the two was like a mother scolding…show more content…
“The Luck of Roaring Camp” is a truly heart wrenching story. Roaring camp is full of men who enjoy violence and mayhem. However, a woman named “Cherokee Sal” who died during child birth had a son. When the child is born everything in the camp changes. The men become more cleanly and eventually change the camp to make it more suitable for the baby who they end up nicknaming “The Luck” (Harte 1485 - 1486). There are numerous biblical parallels in “The Luck of Roaring Camp”. Cherokee Sal could be seen as the Virgin Mary who gives birth to “The Luck” who is Christ. The men who give gifts can be seen as the three wise men. There’s also the biblical parallel when “The Luck” dies and Kentucky says, ““Dying!” he repeated; “he’s a-taking me with him. Tell the boys I’ve got The luck with me now” ” (Harte 1489). It shows how Christ “The Luck” sacrificed his life so that his followers could go to heaven. In “An Episode of War”, the lieutenant is injured because he was trying to cut coffee into squares equally for his division. He grabs his sword incorrectly and cuts his hand (Crane…show more content…
There was an order saying that any civilian caught messing with them would be hung. I was supposed by the ending. I could not believe that he was hung. In fact I thought that he had Peyton had escaped and made it back to his family when in actuality he was hung at the end. The woman in “The Yellow Wallpaper” becomes ill after she has her first child, a daughter named Katharine. In the text it says, “…and am absolutely forbidden to “work” until I am well again.” (Gilman 1670). She would probably be diagnosed with postpartum depression in today’s world. She is prescribed to not do any work until she feels better. In actuality, this only causes the woman to act more strangely. The significance of the color yellow in the story is that yellow represents sickness. The woman drives herself crazy by staring at the yellow wallpaper. The intended audience goes from her love interest at that point in time to simply questioning the heavens. For example, in the text it says, “Her poems about death confront its grim reality…her poems about religion, she expressed piety and hostility and she was fully capable of moving within the same poem from religious consolation to a rejection of doctrinal piety and a querying of
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