The Notorious Jumping Frog Short Story

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American authors have been using details in their stories for many years. In both Mark Twain and Sarah Orne Jewett story they both used very vidid details in their writing this was a wildly popular way to connect with the audience in this time period and still is used in most stories today. At the time these stories were written many authors were writhing in a European style so this attract many people to read their stories since it was different from what they have been reading. Using details are a very important part in writing this allows authors to express their feelings, and give us a better picture of their environment and landscape. When author write in amazing details it help’s you feel like you traveling into a magical place while you are at your own house. In these three storied we read the various detail helped transform these stories from boring to instructing and help us realize why the story was so important…show more content…
The town guy tells a story in great detail to tell the story about a guy in town named Jim Smiley that used his animals as a gambling tool. He had a mare named fifteen-minute nag no one knew how she always won races since she had asthma but she would be slow at the start and then win the race. Many believe since she cough it would make a racket and win. He also had a dog that would always win the fight against other dogs. Andrew Jackson would take his opponents by the leg and attack them. Every time he won and the one time he loss he had stroke and died. His finale animal he would bet and gamble on was a frog name Dan’l Webster this frog could jump higher then any other frog. He tossed that bet by walking off and the guy filled the frog with quail shots. As we read this story the details gave us about what made the animals unbeaten able. Once again mark Twain used a amazing details to help us have a better understand of the charters. Making the stories unique and fun to read for the
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