The November Man Play Analysis

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The December Man is a play created by the English Theatre that played at the National Arts Centre from November 16th, 2015 to November 20th, 2015. The play shows the effects of guilt. The young Jean (Kayvon Kelly), trembles in fear, and guilt from the 1989 Montreal Massacre. He feels guilt for not attempting to rescue those who have been wounded, and killed at the time of the massacre. His parents, Kathleen and Benoît are also greatly affected. They handle Jean’s emotional and mental troubles with difficulty. The actors in this play did a tremendous job portraying their roles, making the show enjoyable for the audience. During the play when the actors were not in scene, but still on set, they had their backs turned to the audience. This…show more content…
The concept of the signs is intelligent, however, it has very little significance. As a result, there is little foreshadowing. The signs are pointless, and do not create much entertainment, nor creates importance to the plot, scene, or play. In addition, the signs were often difficult to read. To be exact, when the signs were held by the actors behind the set, it was difficult to read, because of the wires of the home. Also, when the lights shine to create the last line of the upcoming scene at the bottom of the stage, it creates difficulty for the audience to read. For audience members to read, they must stand up off from their seats. This is not ideal for audience members who are seated higher up, or on the sides of the…show more content…
The transitions consist of Jean (Kayvon Kelly), dancing very intensely with harsh, and sharp movements, to very loud, aggressive metal music. There was no significance to the dancing, or music. The loud music, and intense dancing took away from the heavy and emotional scenes. The rough dancing, and intense music are not compatible with the play. The two are polar opposites that do not compliment each other. The set of the play is a home built of wire. This is very intelligent and effective. This allows all actors to be seen at all times by all spectators. This avoids blocking, and allows characters to be in the same scene, even while they are not in the same room. During the theatrical production the actors preforms tasks that should be preformed by crew members. The actors bring on props onto the stage. This ruins the affect that the characters have on spectator. For instance, the actors bring on the signs, previous to preforming the scene. In addition, Jean (Kayvon Kelly), brings on a fan for the scene, as well as bring it off stage. This will ruin the illusion that the characters are characters, and not actors, essentially real people who are not, in reality, part of the story. During the performance the actors have their backs turned to the audience when they are not in scene, but still on stage. This allows for the audience to recognize that the actor should not be focused on. In this play, the plot worked
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