The Nuclear Family

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Introduction A family can be defined as a group of people who reside together in a committed relationship with children and may be related by blood or not. The modern families have been faced with many problems both in the developed world and in the developing countries. The problems have also affected the various classes in the society ranging from both the rich to the poor. Some of the problems facing families today include: religious issues, divorce, absent father figure, lack of discipline among the siblings, financial strains and many other problems. The emphasis of this paper however will be the problem of absent fathers facing the nuclear families of Kenya. A nuclear family can be defined as a family that consists of a married couple…show more content…
The various problems and changes that the family is going through can be solved by proper socialization and education to the young generation. In the challenges, most of them are due to poor socialization for instance being taught that certain roles are to be played by boys and others by girls. If the society constructs gender roles to be neutral much of the conflicts arising in relationships will reduce and families will remain bound together. Proper education on families can also be influential in strengthening families. This can be through advertisements, social media platforms and other media which can enable the young couples know about family expectations and handling differences in relationships. If these solutions can be put in practice, the problem of divorce will be reduced significantly in our society. Lastly, the exercise has enabled me to know how to apply theoretical concepts in understanding not only family problems but also other problems in society.

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