The Null Rights: Poem Analysis

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The Null
“President Tonald Drump under pressure as more riots break out in support of Null Rights. Drump says that he will begin working on improving the laws in respect to Null Rights, right after he finishes constructing the Great Wall of Xemico…” says the News anchor on the diner’s TV.
The bell above the door rang as a young man enters the cosy diner from the dark, stormy night outside. He takes off his weathered raincoat and gently hangs it on the coat stand. Lifting his head, he examines his new surroundings. Retro-style booths are scattered across the room, the tables carefully laid with cups of water. A young couple sit at a booth beside the window, cutlery floating in the air around them. The woman giggles as she bites off a piece of steak from the man’s fork, levitating in front of her. A lone woman in a Nurse’s uniform sits in the corner, looking at something on her phone. The young man sits down at the bar, a long, weary sigh …show more content…

She comes to an abrupt stop and face-plants onto the floor just a few feet from the man. The tray crashes to the floor, spilling plates of food everywhere.
“Oh crap” the man mumbles guiltily.
“Tracy?! Was that you?!” a deep voice bellows from the kitchen. The door opens to reveal a chubby middle-aged man wearing an apron. His stubbly face contorted in confusion as he inspects the mess, bewildered.
“Eighteen months you’ve worked here and I ain’t seen you drop so much as a spoon” he says, perplexed. He hobbles over to the waitress, concerned. “Jeez, you took a bit of a knock!”
“Here, let me help you with that,” offered the lone woman in nurse’s clothes. She places her hands on either side of the waitress’s head, waiting for a moment. She frowns. “I don’t understand,” she says, puzzled. “my healing powers aren’t working”
The Cook lifts his head and looks at the young man, deep in thought. “What’s your name

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