The Nurse In Romeo And Juliet Essay

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The Real Star in Romeo and Juliet In the play Romeo and Juliet there are many different characters and almost all of them bring something unique to the play. The majority of the audience only notices how Romeo and Juliet add drama to the play with impulsive decisions. Few notice that the Nurse actually brings more to the table. The Nurse has characteristics that consist of being caring, talkative, and brassy. She is similar to a mother and comforts Juliet, allowing for her to express her feelings to someone and show the audience what she is feeling. Her talkativeness brings some comedy into the play, to keep the attention of the audience. Finally her brassiness adds spice and intrigue throughout the play, amusing the audience. The Nurse, although her name is never mentioned, is very important to the play. She is…show more content…
“Are you so hot? Marry come up, I trow./ Is this the poultice for my aching bones?/ Henceforward do your messages yourself.” (2.6.62-4). In this scene Juliet had been waiting for hours for the Nurse to come home with the news of when her and Romeo were planning to be wed. The Nurse, who had been tired from running all over town to find Romeo was annoyed by Juliet trying to pound the answers out of her. This led the the Nurse to exclaim, in modern English; you're being ridiculous, I ran all around town for you and this is my reward? The Nurses sassy comebacks adds some comedy to the play, but also adds some more modern behavior. In modern days people who are more close with one another often give each other tough times, insulting each other playfully. This quote shows that Juliet and the Nurse are very close, they are close enough that the Nurse, who is a server of Juliet, a rich child of the Capulets, can give her a tough time for her behavior and not feel like she will be punished or get in
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