The Nurse-Patient Relationship In Nursing

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The nurse-patient relationship is well stipulated by the health ethics and law. The relationship is based on respect, trust and is professional. There are distinct boundaries that a nurse should have when dealing with his or her client. The language used between the two should be professional. Vulgar language is not allowed at all not from the nurse neither the patient. I treated Frank with dignity and with a lot of respect. I was expected the same from him only to be disappointed. He was becoming very aggressive and abusive. I felt he was closing my boundaries. I reported this to my supervisor but at the same time, I dint take it so personal because I thought he had changed because of the condition he was in. Maybe he had developed some anxiety or fear because of the sickness. I still think he will be fine and will be back to his normal condition. That’s why I feel that legal actions should not be taken at the moment. Fidelity is a core principle in nursing or any other healthcare institution. It involves balancing of so many activities to ensure that the patients are treated in the right way. It takes promising a patient that you would see him or her and in your tight schedule you create time to see the patient. Balancing the so many activities is not easy according to Macciocchi (2009). For instance fidelity involves balancing between fairness, allegiance, and advocacy. In between my tight schedule of taking care of Frank who had come from Surgery, I still found time to

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