The Nurse's Role In Romeo And Juliet

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Mouth (Thomas & Mimi) The Nurse is seen as a character throughout the play with a big mouth. The Nurse is a character who always needs to get in her “two cents worth’ (She has to put her opinion in even though it’s not relevant or valuable) whether it’s an appropriate time or not. For example, in Act 3 scene 2, the Nurse states her opinion on most men. “There is no trust, no faith, no honesty in men. All perjured (Perjured means involving willfully told untruths.) all forsworn, all naught, all dissemblers.” She remarks. This means “There is no trust, no faith, no honesty in men. All of them lie. All of them cheat. They’re all wicked!” This shows that the Nurse states her opinion in situations that don’t “help out”. She is saying to Juliet what she thinks about most men even though it won 't particularly help Juliet. Moreover, the Nurse also plays a vital role in Romeo and Juliet as a result of her comic relief all throughout the play. Why did William Shakespeare even add comic relief? The Nurse’s sense of humour relieves tension in several areas of play. If the tension in the play continues to build up, then the audience will expect the tragedies that are bound to happen. By adding comic relief, it lessens the anxiety in the audience, most likely making them laugh. Her bawdy and crude jokes are what releases this tension. For example, in Act 2 scene 5, when the Nurse comes back from…show more content…
I am the drudge and toil in your delight, But you shall bear the burden soon at night. Go. I’ll to dinner. Hie you to the cell.”. Here, the Nurse’s bawdy joke of “But you shall bear the burden soon at night.” definitely presents her personality which is ultimately funny and to the audience 's liking. In addition, the Nurse is exceedingly talkative. This is proven when in Act 1 scene 3 when she rambles on about Juliet and “falling backwards”. The Nurse repeats herself a lot and while she speaks
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