Summary: The Healthcare Information System

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The Healthcare information system (HIS) is a group of systems used to support and enhance healthcare e.g. Clinical information systems (CISs) ,Administrative information system .Nursing Information System (NIS). (WHO, 2016) These systems combined together provide a standardized nursing language for nurses because it provides a common pattern for all nurses in different locations. (Hebda, Czar & Mascara, 2005) These combinations can reduce a number of medically related errors and improve our health care system.
For many years, the medical field created several ways and means to educate those who are learning as well as they provided practice for those who have already established themselves as doctors, nurses and persons specialized
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The game blood typing illustrated the importance of the blood groups and the types of blood that can be administered to patient based on their blood group and the different rhesus factors. The marker during the blood test gave an indication as to what the patient blood type was and what blood could be used if the other was not available. E.g. A patient with A+ blood group can obtain blood from an O+ donor. The blood group O is said to be the universal blood group and can be accepted by any blood…show more content…
Just as with Alpha Nurse and interface engine, interface was a necessity to ensure that there were smooth interactions between the information systems. System integration and interoperability was also necessary.
This game features repeated every time you play. The data provided came from one clinical information system, the emergency information system. No system integration was required as there were no exchanges across interfaces. However it allowed me to understand the type of fracture and the measures that should be taken in an event such as this one.
Overall, a well-functioning healthcare information system is essential. Healthcare information systems can be used to influence positive changes in health care policies and practices through games that were played.
(1)Do you think that our nurses today have adequate knowledge in the areas outlined in the games?
(2) Do you think that by nurses playing these games their standards of practice would change/ improve?

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