The Nursing Leadership Analysis: The Nurse Leader

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Organizational Analysis –The Nurse Leader To be a great nurse leader one must have the vision, skills, and education needed or required to support the role of the nurse leader. This is extremely important for any nurse that is currently in the leadership role, or aspiring to be in a leadership positions. It is also important to know what type of a leader one is when supporting theses roles. Some of the important aspects of nursing management are to know your responsibilities, leadership style, effectiveness of skills, and communication. In addition to the skills hitherto noted, nurse leaders should have knowledge of management, communication, and teamwork skills, as well as a solid understanding of health economics, finance, and evidence-based…show more content…
This process involved an extensive evaluation by external, multidisciplinary team of experts on many facets of hospice care including infection prevention and control, leadership and medication management. I feel like her a continued commitment to providing the highest quality of care along with her leadership abilities to guide her staff to provide exceptional end of life care sets her above and beyond any normal standards of leadership skills. Nurse Leader I believe the style of the nurse leader that I am currently following would be the transformational leadership. According to the article “this style focuses on encouraging staff members to do their very best work by way of example through the sheer influence of the nurse leader's optimistic personality. This style of leadership operates on the idea that employees receive motivation to perform well through positive, rather than negative, incentives (Mahoney, 2001)”. Some of the main qualities of transformational leadership include a motivating nurse leader who promotes team building, innovation and ingenuity works well because it instills self-motivation. Self-motivated…show more content…
Then they review the budget together and what he approves they will present it at the board meeting, where the manager than has to present it to the board and also answer any questions they may have. This is an example of upward communication. I believe she has an excellent upward communication skill because she is effective in accomplishing the budget and also being an advocate for needed items within the budget for her nursing staff. My manager is also required to hold a monthly staff meeting with all of her nursing staff. This is an example of downward communication. I believe she has excellent downward communication skill because she is effective in accomplishing the monthly report to staff along with communicating to the staff what needs to be done to facilitate improvement within the staff and facility. I have also witnessed my manager in peer communications, such as one department head to another. I believe this is one area she could improve due to I believe she see her peers as equals and it may result as less professional conversations such as gossip. I believe participating in such acts will result in ineffective communication skills in the future with coworkers due to mistrust

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