The Nursing Sister Scene Analysis

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The people behind the scene who took care of the soldiers were as important to the people who were fighting in the front lines. The heritage minute clip on the Nursing Sister is effective, although it only highlights two nurses, in particular, Eleanor Thompson and Eden Pringle, the true meaning is to recognize the contributions of all the Canadian women who volunteered as nurses during the First World War. This paper will examine the purpose of the clip, how the event contributed to Canadian identity and accurate representation of Canadian history.
Nursing Sisters video demonstrates a clear objective of what the meaning behind this particular heritage minute clip is. Prior to the 19th century, women becoming nurses was considered unacceptable,
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The First World War is where Canada disguised itself going from a colony to a nation. The First World War was, “a defining experience from which Canadians emerged with a strong sense of national identity, distinct from their British roots”(Toman, 2013, p. 146). Participating in The First World War is portrayed as a defining moment for Canadian identity where Canada became a distinct nation. Soldiers, doctors, nurses all contributed to the shaping of Canadian identity help making Canada an independent country. The Frist World War was an effective opportunity in shaping Canada’s individuality from Britain. Before the First World War, a man was considered the head of the household who worked and provided for the family while women were expected to cook, clean, and take care of the children. When the war broke out the men went off and the women were led to work in areas of work that were meant for men in order to financially support their family. There were opportunities for women to become nurses and volunteer near the front lines treating the soldiers. Prior to the war, women were not considered a person and were treated as if they were inferior to men. During the war women who were nursing sisters, were recognized for their hard work and sacrifice. After the First World War One we see women starting to fight for the improvement of women’s rights and freedoms in Canada. Women have…show more content…
3 Canadian stationary hospital in Doullens, France on May 29, 1918. The nursing sisters did not work in the frontline trenches, however, the nurses were located in the stationary hospital that was in close distance to the front-lines. Nursing sisters were expected to accommodate the wounded soldiers by treating, “for bleeding wounds, broken, and missing limbs, and other devastating injuries” (Quinn, 2010, p. 43). The clip depicts the nurse’s sisters caring for the wounded soldier, assisting the doctor during surgery, and monitoring the soldier’s health. For example, Eden Pringle is wrapping bandages around a wounded soldier, and assisting a doctor in a surgery. The video depicts an accurate representation of the responsibilities the nursing sisters had tended to care for the wounded soldiers. The main concern is to treat soldiers, by cleaning the wounds and prevent from getting any infections. Eden Pringle was killed in action when assisting at the operation table at the time of the air raid. “An operation was being carried out in the operating theatre at the time and the entire surgical team and their patient were killed, including nursing sister Eden Pringle”(Fowler, 2005, p. 36). In the video, it accurately demonstrates the cause of death of Eden Pringle. In the video, she was assisting the doctor in an operation and a general alarm was sounded signaling an air raid. Eden
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