The OSI-R: Karly's Strengths

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The OSI-R is a concise measure of occupational stress, psychological strain, and coping resources (Osipow & Spokane, 1998). The OSI-R was an assessment choice because Karly reports feeling anxious about returning to work and wanted to improve her coping skills. Particular attention was paid to her coping resources; measured by the Personal Resources Questionnaire (Osipow & Spokane, 1998). The assessment helped her identify and understand sources of stress in her work role and within her organization and occupation. With Karly making the transition out of the teaching profession and into the counselling field, the OSI-R will allow her to achieve an optimum fit between her and her new career. The OSI-R shed light on her current work situation…show more content…
Using a strengths-based philosophy, Karly’s counsellor used the SFA to focus on her strengths and uncover her unique talents, knowledge and skills. By taking the SFA, Karly can see how her strengths can be applied in her work, daily life and how she relates to people. From a Positive Psychology perspective, the SFA will help Karly see her talents and make connections between her themes and past and present behavior (Workuno, 2014) The dominant themes will help Karly to see how they impact her behaviour and performance and how she can use those to her advantage when she returns to work. Focusing on strengths, Karly and the counsellor can look at ways she can practice her strengths in an optimal and accelerated way, possibly in a new…show more content…
It measures coping processes, not coping dispositions or styles. The WAYS is a stimulus for discussion in counselling. Areas for discussion may include identification of what was at stake in the stressful encounter as well as identification of the possible options for coping and the strategies that were actually used. The WAYS was used to help Karly develop practical, healthy coping skills by evaluating her processes, strengths and weaknesses. The WAYS provides models of positive coping processes and will allow Karly to use those alternatives coping mechanisms in stressful situations. In collaboration with her counsellor, Karly can reflect in the results by asking if there were any scores that surprised her and was she pleasantly or unpleasantly
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