The Oaks Creature: A Short Story

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The Oaks Creature ’AHHH!!! Please Just leave me alone!,’’ James cried, but, no one was there to save him from the awful terrifying bullies. James had been a strange young boy always having weird untamed dreams about his dream life. James had no idea what was going to happen. James hadn’t even made it through the rest of school yet and he had to pass the schoolyard, two more times or as James called it, death row. James has always been bullied. As a kid growing up from 3rd grade to 8th grade. James has had it all ganged up on, pushed into lockers, beat up, criticized, and tested. As James realized he was going to be late for class, he had to push through the bullies and as he tried to run through them he was brought to a punch right to the gut. James dropped and tried to crawl away, but was dragged right back into “Bullies Circle’’ James yelled for them to stop, but they just laughed and continued to shove him and kick his books around. Finally they got bored of him crying so they left. James went home, but this…show more content…
He couldn’t have made a worse mistake because he forgot to put his phone on silent and it made a simulated camera noise. The creature turned around and looked at James. He couldn’t breathe. The creature just stared at him and finally the creature just growled and ran off. Heart pounding breathe short he wonders what he just saw, will fear over power curiosity? He decides to take his chances and see if what he just saw was even real. He looks around for foot prints and notices a mix of bear like foot with an elk hoofs curve and shape for claws. He follows the tracks noticing each footprint is about 4 feet in distance from the front legs to the back legs. A sudden nerve climbs up his body from his feet to his hair on his head as if needles were poking there way up his body, James thinks he should run but he can’t move, he can’t even tell if he’s
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