The Oath Of The Tennis Court Oath In The French Revolution

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The Oath of the Tennis Court Article-

France in the age of the French revolution was full of monarchs, full of privileges for kings and nobles.Inequality was big on that time, France had 26 million habitants and 18 million were peasants that could barely support themselves. A very small fraction of the population owned the wealth and had all the privileges. High taxes were charged to the poorest people, the wealthiest people enjoyed of this money for personal use.This is the first stage of the anatomy of a revolution, when the government charges taxes (impossible demands) to the poorest. The 1st estate was full of privileges and the Tennis Court Oath ended an age of absolute monarchy and privilege and opened a door to democracy and modern thinking. Louis XVI was the absolute ruler . The tennis court oath happened in the start of the revolution.

The national assembly was established in 1789.It was considered a revolutionary assembly made up of the representatives of the third estate in the estates general. Louis XVI had forbidden the meeting of this assembly and wanted to go back to the Old Regime, he wanted to go back to the Estates general. He wanted to close the National Assembly and go back to the old regime.He wanted the the tiny fraction of the population had all the wealth and
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Napoleon was a very talented man, despite his height he was a very good leader and had many skills.He had a very strong personality, he was eager and animated . He had both talent to manage military and government. Many admired his capacity of organization and his rapid movements of troops when fighting. He was recognized because he was very smart. He was a brilliant person and had many capacities. When Bonaparte had 26 years he was already a general, later he married Josephine de Beauharnais a French leader of the society. Days later he had now become the leader of France
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