Tennis Court Oath Analysis

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The Oath of the Tennis Court Article-

France in the age of the French revolution was full of monarchs, full of privileges for kings and nobles.Inequality was big on that time, France had 26 million habitants and 18 million were peasants that could barely support themselves. A very small fraction of the population owned the wealth and had all the privileges. High taxes were charged to the poorest people, the wealthiest people enjoyed of this money for personal use.This is the first stage of the anatomy of a revolution, when the government charges taxes (impossible demands) to the poorest. The 1st estate was full of privileges and the Tennis Court Oath ended an age of absolute monarchy and privilege and opened a door to democracy
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The national assembly convened a tennis court, there they united and made their meetings.This is related to stage two of the Anatomy of a Revolution because the government tries to suppress the revolutionaries but they didn`t succeed, they kept reuniting without the king knowing. The tennis court oath consist mainly in a vow that the assembly was going to keep reuniting until France had a constitution. This oath represented the first time that the French population or representatives of the majority of the population ( third estate) opposed to Louis XVI. As the revolution started many people thought that this was the main starting point of the French…show more content…
Because France had many internal problems and wanted to retain unity and order, the Reign of Terror started. The Reign of Terror was commanded by Robespierre: he wrote “It is necessary to annihilate both the internal and external enemies of the republic or perish with its fall”. The Revolutionary Tribunal penalized every person who was counterrevolutionary, also they executed people who were only suspects of the revolution. He was member of the Jacobin club and sent many enemies of the Girondin`s to the Guillotine. The reign of terrors affected all the social classes, they executed twice more peasants than bourgeoisie and twice more bourgeoisie as nobles. Many people was killed in this reign of terror with Robespierre and many people leading
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