The Obsessive Search For Identity Of Willy Loman

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The obsessive search for identity of Willy Loman 'Why dreams turn into obsessions and cause the failure of the individual '


It is the human incentive to reach for a fuller, better ,and richer life; a slogan that would also fit in, to the description of the American Dream. Willy Loman, an ambitious but over optimistic salesman from the East Coast, chases the dream of success and money his whole life. The “Death of a Salesman” is not a stereotypical story of an American citizen who reaches the American Dream, it is rather the story of the search of identity that turns into an obsession of success. The term obsession means; a preoccupation with a feeling or idea; in psychology: an obsession is similar to a compulsion. This term paper will discuss the historical context under which the book was written, as well as the definition of the American Dream which is still controversial. The author, Arthur Miller plays an important role, his life situation was not identical to the life of Willy Loman, but some commonalities are noticeable. Furthermore, Willy 's expectations concerning his career and family life and his obsessive behavior to reach a more successful life will be considered. The American Dream itself has always been rather a myth than reality; the way to success and appreciation is much harder than it seems. Willy Loman knows how difficult it is, but still stays positive. Sooner or later, optimism turns into obsession and by being way too
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