The Occupational Needs Theory In The Nestle Company

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First of all, in the hierarchy-of-needs theory we can see that the physiological needs are the first and most basic needs of human to sustain their life. For examples, physiological needs are included water, food, briefing, homeostasis and rests. Nestle company is giving the basic needs for their employee such as the rest time for them to having their food, drink and rest. It is to let them feel not stressful when they are working. Limitation is when the Nestle company is giving the more time employees to rest, the employees will become lazy and take more time to rest not to work, when the employees getting less time to rest they will feel un-satisfaction. Nestle company try motivate and guide the employee what they should do by briefing them…show more content…
These needs are included a safety working environment, security, insurance and healthy. Nestle company had set up the management system which called “Nestle Occupational Safety and Health Management System”. This system is more focus on preventing the accidents. Nestle company use this management system to preventing the employees accident by promote some of the safety program to the employees. Nestle company is strongly want the employees work in a safety environment so they also establish a local safety and health organisation for manager and employee to get the specialist advice. One limitation is the Nestle Company just more consider about the preventing of accident they less consider the employees healthy. Healthy is one of the very important things in the human life especially working’s employees. (Nestle Motivation program for…show more content…
These needs can be divided into either is inward or outward orientation or both. First, Nestle Company has treated their employees to achieve the self-esteem and success with their job. They analyse and put lot of effort in order to reach the level by providing various training and education such as their Corporate Mentoring Programme, Succession Planning, Local and International Training Programmes and other. For outwardly, the Career development of Nestle is encouraging a high-performance working environment that supported by differentiated rewards as the recognition and reputation. (Nestle Motivation program for employees,

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