The Ocean And The Ocean In Pablo Neruda's The Dream

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The deeper you sink
“I’m telling you, trouble is like the ocean. It covers two thirds of the world” (Cleave 138). This is one of the many quotes in the novel that are in reference to the ocean; however, I realized that when Little Bee stated this to Sarah, she was essentially explaining to her that trouble was not only centered in a malfunctioning third world country but it expanded to the first world countries as well. Trouble and the ocean are synonymous in the aspect that they both make up a large percentage of the world. Cleave writes in the concept of the ocean and the beach many times in Little Bee. Some of the ideas that are central to Little Bee regarding the history of the ocean with the characters are also principal in the poem, “The Dream” by Pablo Neruda.
As I have read through the poem multiple times, I found that it relates strongly to Sarah’s narrations about her life as well as her relationship with Andrew. I became extremely excited my third time through reading Neruda’s poem because I grasped the fact that it fit perfectly with Sarah. The poem itself was not too hard to grasp, it just took a minute to understand the relationship to Little Bee. Each line can be dissected and interpreted to show the correlation between the poem and the novel. “Walking on the sands/I decided to leave you” (1-2). I imagine that Sarah is the one reading this poem out loud and she has written this piece after what has happened to her in Nigeria. These first two lines bring me

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