The Ocean's Salt Water Analysis

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1. After reading the “Color Theory” by Kayghee Reynolds, I have come to appreciate the idea that there is more in the world than one would imagine. Especially when you take into consideration of the moral aspect of the story, when Sam would perceive the world as black and white, seeing that Sam felt like she was missing a specific compartment that would stimulate her entire life. This was obviously seen when Sam would head to her mind-numbing occupation, and when she would spend time with Jake and Sally at the bar. However, Sam’s life would eventually turn around, because when Sam could no longer take the noise upstairs, she would go marching upstairs and complain about the sound. To her surprise, she would discover the most beautiful woman that has ever come…show more content…
There are times when we have to make sacrifices, despite the specific outcome, this was displayed by the story called “The Ocean’s Salt Water,” written by Daisy Sekly. The main character called Alex would desperately attempt to save his mother before the illness got to her; therefore, Alex would give up everything that is precious to him, so that he could find medicine that is outside of the island. This led me to realize that the moral of the story was that we tend to make numerous sacrifices that we care for, especially those that have left a mark in our lifespan. That is why, I am able to relate with the main character, seeing that I would have made the same sacrifice as well, so that I could see my mother live another day. In addition, Alex was successful to save his mother before any damage was done, however, his life came to an end, due to the unfortunate events of the ship. Another point should be noted is that Alex had a unique ability that most people do not possess, and that is to not give up, despite your life being on the verge. However, this would take me years to develop this type of ability, but I am glad that I had the chance to read this story, and the influence that has behind made upon
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