The Odyssey: A Natural Phenomenon

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Imagine a world where a natural phenomenon, like an earthquake, occurs only because someone forgot to pray to Poseidon before bedtime. Back in the height of the Greek empire, this was very believable in the eyes of many. In the technological era, we all now know, and understand, that an earthquake happens when tectonic plates collide with each other. Holly Yan’s article, continues to tell about how today earthquakes happen, with scientific evidence and proof. She would also explain a theory on why their might be another big earthquake coming soon to California. On the other hand, in The Odyssey, written by Homer, there are many amazing stories about the sea god, Poseidon, shaking the earth in wrath of something that Odysseus has done, ashe tries to stop him from returning home to Ithaca. Not only where these stories fun to listen to, and used to have a good time, but they were also what most of the Greeks believe was happening in their world. Because back then the Greeks did not have the scientific advancements that we now take advantage of in today's day of age.

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